Course Details and Policy

At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

  1. recognise current topics and questions in computational biology
  2. identify relevant scientific publications from citations and electronic databases
  3. organise and summarise relevant work into a clear, coherent, succinct review article
  4. provide critical and constructive peer-reviews
  5. improve their work from the feedback of their colleagues
  6. collaborate with colleagues from different research disciplines

Every week (on Friday), students are exposed to recent developments in a different quantitative biology research topic. Each student will write one short literature review, and two reports on other students' manuscripts.

Please refer to the course schedule for the current list of topics.

Most of the topics will be presented by guest lecturers specialists in the relevant subjects. The scientific work reviewed in each class will form the basis of a separate review assignment.

Half of the lecture time on Fridays will be devoted to these topical presentations, while the other half will cover material relevant to the processes of the literature search, scientific writing and peer-reviewing.

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