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 +====== Instructions for editor ======
 +===== Assigning peer-reviewers =====
 +   * Avoid assigning the topic to students currently assigned on other tasks (e.g. writing, revising)
 +   * Double-check that the referee is not a co-author!!
 +   * On average, twice as many peer-reviewers as there are authors
 +   * Furthermore,​ assign the guest lecturer as author
 +   * In total, students should do 2 peer-reviews over the course of the semester, so keep in mind future constraints when assigning students (e.g. students writing a review on the 2nd last topic need to finish their two peer-review assignments by then!)
 +===== Communicating decision and reports back to authors =====
 +   * Once the peer-reviews are in, make a decision and send the decision email to:
 +     * To: all authors (manually add non-corresponding authors to corresponding field)
 +     * Cc: guest and regular lecturers
 +     * Bcc: all peer-reviewers
 +   * Include all peer-reviews submitted in plain text at the end of the decision email by clicking on the button "​Import Peer Reviews"​
 +   * Attach all peer-reviews submitted as separate PDF/DOC
 +   * If the decision has to be sent before all reports are in, regularly monitor the journal for submission of the late report because the editor is not notified when a report is submitted after decision.
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