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On Plagiarism

On Authorship Policy

On Peer-Review

Books (most of them are available on the reference shelf of the ETH Main Library)

  • Joseph M Williams, “Style”, 1990 (Highly recommended)
  • Diana Ridley, “The Literature Review”, 2008
  • Rowena Murray “Writing for Academic Journals”, 2004
  • Cargill and O'Connor, “Writing Scientific Research Articles: Strategy and Steps”, 2009
  • Scott Montgomery, “The Chicago Guide to Communicating Science”, 2002
  • Michael Alley, “The Craft of Scientific Writing”, 1996
  • Victoria McMillan, “Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences”, 2001

There are 3 common ways to obtain a full-length scientific article:

  1. Directly from the website of the journal. This works for open-access journals and journals to which ETH subscribes. For the latter, you need to access from an ETH IP address (at ETH or through VPN).
  2. For typically older articles, from the main Library (you can request a photocopy on NEBIS).
  3. For articles neither online nor at the ETH library (no subscription), you can send a copy request to the ETH Library (Request Form). They will get it for you through partner libraries or by buying the article directly from the publisher.
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