Karina Zile

Mathematician by training I am interested in answering biological questions using quantitative approaches.

I am a PhD student based in UCL Computer Sciencen and funded by BBSRC London Interdisciplinary Biosciences Consortium (LIDo).

My project is a quest for new genes. A growing body of evidence suggests that taxonomically restricted genes may play key roles in phenotypes. While a lot of research is focused on genes with homologs across many organisms, little is known about the evolution of taxonomically restricted genes. To address this, my project aims at:

  1. developing algorithms for inferring histories of functional genomic elements
  2. discovering how taxonomically restricted genes come into existence
  3. examining their evolutionary histories
  4. producing a more useful definition of taxonomically restricted genes

Research Interests

  • Taxonomically restricted genes
  • Protein, domain and exon-intron architecture evolution
  • Information theory


Last modified on February 16th, 2019.