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 +====== Instructions for Referees ====== ​
 +Consider the following questions when writing your report:
 +  * Assess significance
 +    * Is the topic addressed important/​interesting?​ (Does the review say why?)
 +    * How original is the review? 
(compared with existing reviews of field?​) ​
 +    * Are the results reported significant?​
 +  * Verify accuracy
 +    * Are all claims backed by evidence?
 +    * Are the evidences relevant/​reliable/​sufficient?​
 +    * Are methods/​results appropriate and
 +    * Is important relevant work omitted?
 +    * Does the review suffer from any bias?
 +  * Improve clarity
 +    * Is the review well organized?
 +    * Do title/​abstract accurately reflect content?
 +    * Right level of detail?
 +    * Language issues or typos?
 +The typical report consists of one page of plain text. To help the author and editor, all claims should be backed by evidence.
 +//A note on the format of your peer-review://​ the best format to submit your review is just plain text pasted in the relevant fields. Alternatively,​ you can submit a PDF or DOC document, but be aware that your name might be included in the metadata of that document, thereby compromising your anonymity.  ​
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