Friday Schedule

Location: Genopode 2019-1

Week Date 11:00-12.00 12:00-13:00 Other files / links Assigned Student(s)
1st 2 Nov Introduction & Review Writing Review on phylometagenomics (web version) Özel, Rama, Rossier, Ruzzante, Vessman
2nd 9 Nov Review on single-cell transcriptomics by David Gfeller (DOF) Peer-reviewing Bouvet, Atta Ur, Fernandez, Li
3rd 16 Nov Review on structural variant calling methods by Fritz Szedlaceck (Baylor College) Editing Cruz-Davalos, Gobet, Mounier, Patxot, Renevey
4th 23 Nov Review on computational image analysis of social insects PPT version with movies (250Mb) PDF w/o movies by Yuko Ulrich (DEE) Getting published by Natasha Glover (CIG/DBC) Chiu, de Guttry, Engel, Sulc
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