Friday Schedule

Location: Genopode Room 2016

Week Date 11:00-12.00 12:00-13:00 Other files / links Assigned Student(s)
1st 1 Nov Introduction & Review Writing Dr. David Emms (Oxford): Wikipedia page on Orthologs Bibliography Romain Feron, Gilles Baud, Joaquim Cruz, Nermine Laaboob, Emmanuel Längst
2nd 8 Nov Prof. Roman Arguello (DEE): Methods for inferring signals of local adaptation Peer-reviewing 2019-locadapt.bib Eléonore Lavanchy, Valentin Oreiller, Vincent Somerville, Tane Kafle, Aurélie de Vallière
3rd 15 Nov Dr. Daniele Silvestro (DBC): Challenges and potential of integrating fossil and molecular data in evolutionary analyses Getting published by Natasha Glover (CIG/DBC) Dinis Barros, Ana Cecilia Aliaga Fandino, Samuel Koh Wee Han, Melvin Bérard
4th 22 Nov Dr. Tarcisio Mendes de Farias (DBC): Semantic Integration of Biological Data Editing bibliography Victor Joo, Linh Ho, Liza Darrous, Simon Eggenschwiler, Iker Lamas, Mathieu Saubade
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