Friday Schedule

Location: Remote (Zoom calls)

Week Date 11:00-12.00 12:00-13:00 Other files / links Assigned Student(s)
1st 6 Nov Introduction & Review Writing Dr. Natasha Glover (SIB): In Comparative Genomics, All Roads Lead to HOGs TBA Cobb, Micheli, Sarton-Loheac, GhaziSoltani
2nd 13 Nov Prof. Olivier Delaneau (DBC): Copying models for population and disease genetics Peer-reviewing Perroud
3rd 20 Nov Prof. David Gfeller (DOF): Predicting antigen presentation: what could we learn from a million peptides Getting published by Natasha Glover (SIB) TBA Smets, Meurs, Vuille, Gouilleux
4th 27 Nov Prof. Giovanni Ciriello (DBC): TBA Editing part 1 part 2 part 3 Iyer, Rapti

Participants not assigned to one topic plan to write their own review.

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